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49 credit hours
100% career outcome rate1

Student-to-faculty ratio

Faculty with terminal degree

Deaconesses are called to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ through works of mercy, spiritual care and teaching the Christian faith. As a deaconess in The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, you will be a professional church-worker, trained to share God’s word as a missionary or in congregations or in a variety of other settings and service organizations. Deaconesses are trained, called and commissioned by the LCMS to serve Christ through works of mercy and teaching the faith, in the mission field at home and around the world.

In the pre-deaconess program at Concordia University, Nebraska, you will be prepared with a broad, liberal arts education supplemented with a base of theological and sociological courses designed to help you further your education at the seminary level. Here, you will study Scripture, learn Greek and Hebrew and be immersed in our Christ-centered environment, which doesn’t end with your theology classes but extends all throughout campus, from your classroom to your dorm to the locker room to the cafeteria.

If you feel called to minister through acts of service, providing people with spiritual care, spreading God’s word and using your God-given talents to assist and nurture people where you are needed, then a career as a deaconess might be the right choice for you.

Pre-Deaconess Courses 

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Rev. Russ Sommerfeld - Theology

Meet Rev. Russ Sommerfeld, theology professor. He'll make you fall in love with his Old Testament class. Learn more about Professor Sommerfeld in this Faculty 5 video.



Concordia University - Theology Department

Concordia NebraskaPre-Deaconess: Learning Objectives

Students in the pre-deaconess program at Concordia University, Nebraska will learn to clearly communicate God’s message through written and spoken word.


Students will understand the elements of traditional and contemporary Lutheran worship.

Students will learn to effectively help others perceive, proclaim, teach and live out the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Concordia Nebraska Pre-Deaconess: Career Outcomes


Deaconesses in The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod are professional church workers who are trained to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ through works of mercy, spiritual care and teaching the Christian faith. As a deaconess, you might serve as a foreign or domestic missionary or in a congregation or institution teaching, offering spiritual comfort and spreading the Word of the Lord.

4% Annual Growth Rate2
$19,020 Entry-Level Salary2
$19,310 Mid-Level Salary2
$59,820 Late-Level Salary2


Missionaries work in underdeveloped areas or regions that don’t have strong Christian institutions in place. As a missionary, you would work to spread the Gospel of Jesus and encourage others to learn more about Christianity and to develop and deepen their faith. 

6% Annual Growth Rate2
$19,020 Entry-Level Salary2
$29,310 Mid-Level Salary2
$59,820 Late-Level Salary2

Concordia NebraskaPre-Deaconess: Related Programs


Christian Education Leadership

The Christian education leadership major from Concordia University, Nebraska can help you serve Christ’s church through education as a Director of Christian Education (DCE), youth or camp ministry leader, Christian teacher or as a national or international missionary by equipping you to bring Christian values and leadership to God’s people in a church or school.

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Applied Communication

Applied communication is one of the most versatile majors available. A degree in applied communication can prepare you for a traditional career path as a communication specialist in small businesses, government offices and non-profit organizations. With the bachelor’s degree in applied communication, you can also find work in journalism, marketing, education, entertainment or any number of other career fields.

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The bachelor’s degree in psychology at Concordia is ideal for students seeking a strong theoretical foundation in the field of psychology. Offering a diverse psychology curriculum, Concordia Nebraska’s psychology professors use approaches that range from the scientific to philosophical and the experimental to the theoretical.

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With a degree in theology from Concordia Nebraska, you will learn to think and read critically, speak clearly and persuasively, and better understand how religious convictions shape us ethically as members of the human community. Studying Christian theology helps you consider both historical and contemporary questions related to theological and religious thought to enhance your awareness of religious beliefs and practices among different cultures.

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Fulfill God's Call to Serve the Church

At Concordia, we equip students to serve as the hands and feet of Christ and be His witnesses through our church work programs. Whether you want to be a Lutheran educator or Director of Christian Education or a pastor, deaconess or parish musician, you’ll be prepared to share the love of Jesus around the world.

Serving Christ's Church

1 Recent graduates attending graduate school or employed within six months of graduation.

2 Career salary and wages sourced from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.