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B.S. Public Health and Fitness

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120 credit hours
80% career outcome rate1

Student-to-faculty ratio

Faculty with terminal degree

Public health and fitness is a dynamic, far-reaching and growing field. Through public health and fitness courses, you’ll be able to assess a population, determine the main health issues affecting that community and plan and implement appropriate programs and interventions to address those needs. Additionally, a bachelor’s degree in public health and fitness teaches you how to create and execute fitness and health education programs for a variety of individuals and populations. As a public health and fitness professional, you will be an advocate for healthy living and improving the overall health of your community through all levels of prevention.

A degree in public health and fitness from Concordia University, Nebraska prepares you to develop and advocate for effective health programs, where you can implement policies that enhance the health of individuals, groups and communities. You’ll combine theory-based public health and fitness courses, laboratory experiences and internships to provide you with practical, career-focused skills in nutrition, biomechanics, global health, psychology, epidemiology, stress management, human anatomy and more. Through immersion in the interdisciplinary study of fitness, physical activity and public health, disease prevention and quality of life programs, you’ll be able to discover how public health and fitness are essential to the wellbeing and longevity of your community.

While earning your bachelor of science degree in public health and fitness at Concordia, you will participate in real-world, collaborative projects with local organizations. Practicum and internship experiences help you further your knowledge and skills in real-world settings. Opportunities for local, national and international public health and fitness service learning and global-multicultural experiences also await.

Public Health and Fitness Courses

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Program Differentiators

Core Concepts

The public health and fitness program at Concordia University, Nebraska is designed to help students develop healthy emotional, physical and spiritual practices and to equip the next generation of inclusive public health and fitness professionals with the skills to improve the health and well-being of the global population. Students in the program advance their knowledge, abilities and attitudes through the pursuit of a Christ-centered education in health and wellness.

Dr. Jennifer Janousek - Health and Human Performance, Master of Public Health

Dr. Jen Janousek likes that with public health, you can improve the health of communities at a national or global level before they get sick. Learn more about Dr. Janousek in this Faculty 5 video.



Concordia University - Health and Human Performance Department

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One thing I’ve noticed throughout my time at Concordia is that we really focus on the awareness of what the public health concerns are in the community and even in the world.
Tanner Schwaninger
Palmyra, Nebraska

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Concordia NebraskaPublic Health and Fitness: Learning Objectives

Students in the public health and fitness program at Concordia University, Nebraska will learn the basic elements of public health, including identifying and addressing population health challenges, determinants of health and an overview of the health system.

Students will develop and expand their knowledge to understand and address contemporary issues in consumer health, environmental health, fitness, violence and injury prevention and other select topics.​​​​​

Students will study how biology, behavior and social context can influence public health and illness, including the contributions of psychological research to the understanding, prevention and treatment of a variety of health concerns.

Students will integrate knowledge, experience and research in the exploration of professional issues and trends in public health and fitness.

Concordia NebraskaPublic Health and Fitness: Program Goals


Students in the public health and fitness program at Concordia University, Nebraska will be able to identify and use evidence-based practice to guide planning and decision-making for individual and public health.


Students will be able to communicate in multiple modalities to express fitness, public health, wellness and prevention strategies, concepts, and messages.


Students will integrate knowledge of cultural frameworks and inter-professional collaboration to improve individual and public health.


Students will be able to develop, implement and evaluate wellness and prevention interventions.


Students will apply scientific reasoning and evidence-based knowledge to determine health education, health promotion and disease prevention best practices.


Students shall be given the opportunity for optimum spiritual, physical, intellectual, emotional and social development of the gifts God has given them through instruction and participation in various movement activities and through instruction in the areas of health and wellness.

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Public Health and Fitness Faculty

As experts in public health and fitness, our faculty and instructors bring years of experience to the classroom.

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Concordia NebraskaPublic Health and Fitness: FAQs

Concordia Nebraska Public Health and Fitness: Career Outcomes

Community Health Worker

Community health workers assist individuals and communities to adopt healthy behaviors. As a community healthworker, you would conduct outreach for medical personnel or health organizations and implement programs in the community that promote, maintain and improve individual and public health. You would provide information on available resources, provide social support and informal counseling, advocate for individuals and community health needs and provide services such as first aid and blood pressure screening. 

18.1% Annual Growth Rate2
$25,150 Entry-Level Salary2
$38,370 Mid-Level Salary2
$64,500 Late-Level Salary2

Public Health Educator

Health educators teach people about behaviors that promote wellness. As a health educator, you might work with individuals one-on-one or with groups in schools or community programs. You would develop and implement strategies to improve the health of those you work with, collect data and discuss health concerns.

14.5% Annual Growth Rate2
$31,440 Entry-Level Salary2
$53,940 Mid-Level Salary2
$97,160 Late-Level Salary2

Fitness and Wellness Coordinator

A fitness and wellness coordinator works for a gym or health facility planning exercise classes, health seminars and other special fitness events. As a fitness and wellness coordinator, you would help people stay fit and healthy, assist your gym with staying organized and hire fitness instructors, personal trainers and other personnel to make sure your fitness facility is as effective and efficient as it can be.

13% Annual Growth Rate2
$20,160 Entry-Level Salary2
$39,820 Mid-Level Salary2
$76,090 Late-Level Salary2

Concordia NebraskaPublic Health and Fitness: Related Programs



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1 Recent graduates attending graduate school or employed within six months of graduation.

2 Career salary and wages sourced from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.