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B.A. Spanish

Major Minor Concentration Teaching Endorsement
120 credit hours
100% career outcome rate1

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With Spanish-speaking citizens and residents rapidly changing the linguistic landscape of our nation and the world, the need for bilingual professionals to assist in every major facet of day-to-day life is on the rise. Spanish majors who have interests in alternative fields and professions can use their language skills to serve and satisfy a multitude of passions.

A major in Spanish can provide you with an enriched view of the world around you, as well as language skills that will prove useful in many professional occupations. You can combine your Spanish studies with other areas to prepare for career opportunities in education, international business, criminal justice, government, travel or communications, where knowledge of a foreign language and of foreign cultures is essential.

With its emphasis on communication for real-world purposes, the Spanish program at Concordia University, Nebraska will prepare you for graduate studies, professional school or a career in a number of fields. Our small classes and personalized attention mean you get the most from your education.

Although you may choose to focus on only majoring in Spanish at Concordia Nebraska, you may find that double majoring in another discipline makes you particularly attractive to employers. For example, paired with an education degree, our Spanish program will equip you to teach a variety of levels of language study. Combining Spanish with journalism can open up careers at newspapers, radio and television stations or advertising agencies that serve urban and rural Latino communities. Likewise, a double major with business or social welfare can prepare you to work with companies or social service agencies that serve diverse customers or clients. 

Fluency in Spanish is an asset in today’s job market, whatever career you choose. As a Spanish major at Concordia University, Nebraska, you'll master the Spanish language and become culturally fluent so you can better serve and lead in the church and world.

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Core Concepts

The Spanish program at Concordia University, Nebraska prepares students to use Spanish for real world communication within a variety of professions, as well as continued scholarship and service. Whether you decide to use your Spanish skills to teach others within classroom setting or to communicate with colleagues and clients in a non-school setting, the language preparation that you will receive at Concordia will equip you to successfully interact with those around you.

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Concordia NebraskaSpanish: Learning Objectives

Students in the Spanish program at Concordia University, Nebraska will develop the four fundamental language skills in Spanish: reading, writing, listening and speaking.

Students will build an understanding and competence in Spanish grammar.

Students will develop insights into characteristics of Hispanic cultures and history, their similarities and their differences.

Students will gain an appreciation of Hispanic cultures and values.

Concordia NebraskaSpanish: Program Goals


Students in the Spanish program at Concordia University, Nebraska will demonstrate proficiency in in speaking, listening, writing and reading in the Spanish language.


Students will demonstrate knowledge of the cultures of Spain, Spanish America and U.S. Latinos and terminology and concepts related to the study of literature and literary criticism.


Students will demonstrate the ability to interact compassionately, intelligently and insightfully with other cultures, particularly those of the Spanish-speaking world.


Students will demonstrate competence for continued graduate study or careers in a variety of fields related to the Spanish language.

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Spanish Faculty

As experts in spanish, our faculty and instructors bring years of experience to the classroom.

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Concordia Nebraska Spanish: Career Outcomes

High School Spanish Teacher

As a Spanish teacher, you’ll help students learn to speak the language, understand grammar for meaningful communication, learn vocabulary words and study the cultures of those who speak Spanish. In addition to teaching, you would plan lessons, grade papers and tests and work with individual students.

7.5% Annual Growth Rate2
$39,080 Entry-Level Salary2
$59,170 Mid-Level Salary2
$95,380 Late-Level Salary2

Spanish Professor

Spanish professors instruct students in basic and advanced Spanish language skills. As a Spanish professor, you would help students expand their vocabulary, grammar and reading comprehension. You would also guide students in the culture, history and political processes of Spanish-speaking countries.

11.9% Annual Growth Rate2
$38,060 Entry-Level Salary2
$65,010 Mid-Level Salary2
$128,980 Late-Level Salary2

Spanish Interpreter

A Spanish interpreter converts Spanish to English or English to Spanish, either in writing or speaking. As an interpreter, you might work in a courtroom, hospital, business, entertainment, school or government agency. Some interpreters work in a specialty area where they train in industry specific terminology and vocabulary, such as legal or medical interpreters

17.7% Annual Growth Rate2
$25,620 Entry-Level Salary2
$47,190 Mid-Level Salary2
$82,290 Late-Level Salary2

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1 Recent graduates attending graduate school or employed within six months of graduation.

2 Career salary and wages sourced from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.