The #1 Reason Concordia is the Best Place to Earn Your Master’s

Published by Kris Brambila 2 months ago on Tue, Mar 12, 2024 8:05 AM

Whether you’ve already bookmarked or investigated a handful of promising master’s programs, or you just now typed “graduate schools” in your search bar, you’re aware of the sizable list of considerations you need to weigh before choosing where you’ll earn your master’s degree. 

If Concordia University, Nebraska isn’t already on your list of grad school contenders, you’ll want to add it. The benefits of Concordia’s online programs apply not only to a grad student’s practical goals and preferences, but also administer to their deep, fundamental need for purpose and the unity of mind, body and spirit. 

Here’s the #1 reason Concordia University, Nebraska is the best place to earn your master’s degree. 

Holistic Focus & Greater Purpose 

Your aspirations for earning your master’s degree might start with the goal of increasing your earning potential or improving your chances for future promotion. But there are other reasons for developing your skills. With the right degree, you can augment your practical goals with the kind of focus and purpose that empowers your career with vocational significance. 

When you think about why you chose the career you have, there’s probably at least one driver that’s not related to wealth or recognition. You want to inspire children’s learning in the classroom. You want to successfully lead a team that makes important strides in your community. You want to help foster love within troubled families. You want to contribute to the sincere care of aging adults. The list goes on! 

Christ-Centered Perspectives 

When you get your master’s from Concordia, you’re getting more than just a degree. Concordia’s programs are infused with Christ-centered perspectives that intentionally equip students to reflect Christ’s light in their everyday endeavors, no matter their career field or position. By emphasizing your individual talents and your place in God’s kingdom, you’ll develop skills as a balanced and resilient servant leader who creates meaningful impact in the world around you, whether that’s in the life of a single child who masters reading thanks to your patient tutoring, or in the lives of an entire community of kids who will benefit from new library programs you helped develop. 

Concordia’s mission is to equip you with the tools—education, support, experience, skills, faith formation—you need to reflect Christ’s light as you navigate both the kingdom of this world and the kingdom of God. 

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