University mascot senior Lindsay Palmer explores creative side, love of biology and geography at Concordia Nebraska

Published by Amy Crawford 2 weeks ago on Tue, May 28, 2024 8:00 AM

You’ll often find senior Lindsay Palmer running around dressed like a dog...but not just any dog. Palmer is the current Bruiser, the bulldog mascot for Concordia Nebraska athletics. Palmer, who hails from Offerle, Kansas, has been involved in mascot work since 2014. She intends to eventually obtain professional mascot status in both manufacturing and performance. Following six years of small projects and local gigs, she launched her mascot business Strut Your Fluff (also known as Sudoku) in 2020. 

From January 2019 to June 2023, she headlined a project called #NedLives. In 2022, she returned to freelancing and maintains a limited project queue. Her clientele includes Nova of the Halifax Mermaids and the alternative pop duo Twenty One Pilots. Concordia Nebraska athletics hired her as Bruiser in April 2023. 

“My coaches have pushed me to be a far stronger and more expressive performer in just 16 weeks,” she said. “It has been a privilege to entertain for both campus events and home games. I am looking forward to the next season!” 

When she’s not suited up as Bruiser, Palmer can often be found in Founders Hall with the university stage crew.  

“I was trained in stage carpentry for a year under our excellent former workshop managers Bob Olson and Tiffany Hovendick and worked on the campus productions “The Addams Family" in 2023 and "Little Women" in 2024. Prior to Concordia Nebraska, I was a stagehand for Sure Sound & Lighting and the United Wireless Arena. Making the shift from concerts to plays wasn't easy, but it has been an important experience, and I am thankful for the challenge.” 

Palmer is majoring in biology and minoring in geography. 

“I chose to study biology because it is highly employable and interesting, an intersection of qualities that is hard to come by,” she explained. “I added geography as a minor this year because I was recently taught how to use Geographic Information Systems (GIS) - which is basically a souped-up Google Maps - and now I'm hooked. Concordia Nebraska stands out in that it prioritizes hands-on learning and makes an effort to tailor the student experience to the individual.”  

Palmer found her way to the university at the recommendation of her brother John Palmer ’21. He invited her to spend a weekend on campus with his friends in 2019, and it greatly influenced her decision to apply.  

“It made sense to study at Concordia Nebraska because of the rigorous science program, which has exceeded my expectations,” she said. “The faculty here have helped me discover my purpose in that they never gave up on me. I live with a chronic illness, which impacts the way I learn, communicate and function in daily life. Even after I had given up on myself, my advisor, professors, the academic resource center and student life office continued to encourage and push me to get better. Even workers from dining services, campus security and buildings and grounds have gone out of their way to help me. I owe so much to so many good people. My purpose is to serve others to the best of my abilities, just as I have been served at the university.”  

Palmer said her favorite thing about her time at the Concordia Nebraska has been the friends and connections she has made.  

“God has opened so many doors to meet incredible people from many different backgrounds, and it has been life-changing,” she said. “Concordia Nebraska has prepared me for a post-graduation career in the same way 4-H prepared me for college. Specifically, the skills the university has helped me build are independent problem-solving, mental and physical endurance, patience and time management. There's no sleeping in until noon that an 8 a.m. class five days a week won't fix. Concordia Nebraska has also nurtured my Christian faith in that it has given me the opportunity to learn about and discuss opposing viewpoints.”  

Her post-graduation dream job is wildlife rehabilitation. Specifically, she wants to work with species rescued from the exotic pet industry in the United States. This summer, she is taking her first step into wildlife rehabilitation as an intern at the Lion Habitat Ranch in Henderson, Nevada. 

“Concordia Nebraska has put me on the right path with plenty of hands-on learning in animal biology, from ornithology with the Raptor Recovery in Fontenelle, Nebraska, to on-campus reptile handling in Dunklau.”  

When she is not in class, you’ll find her enjoying a “chug jug” from campus coffee shop 10:31 or working as a freelance mascot for schools, brands, bands and charity events. She also enjoys playing the drums, piano and organ, working out, skateboarding, listening to music, going to concerts and researching neuroscience. She also occasionally dabbles in stage work. 

Palmer’s father is pastor of Zion Lutheran Church in Offerle, Kansas, and Our Redeemer Lutheran Church in Kinsley, Kansas, and her mom is a teacher for Spearville Elementary School and a volunteer for the Dodge City Pregnancy Center. Her older sister, Elise, is currently raising four children with her husband in Indiana. Her older brother, John, is completing his master's degree in occupational therapy at Abilene Christian University. Her younger sister, Bethany, is studying atmospheric science at the University of Kansas.  

“My siblings and I were all homeschooled until our last year of high school, and I wouldn't have had it any other way,” she said. “My mom has a bachelor’s degree in secondary education, and she has put it to good use, running the classroom in a one-room schoolhouse model. We were raised in a house that respects and encourages individual self-expression and independent learning. I love my family, and God gave me my best chance at a good life through them.” 

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