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Abigail Grosnick

Watertown, Wis.
I had looked at a few other colleges, but when I started visiting and talking with the faculty from Concordia Nebraska, I was thoroughly impressed with them, and the rest is history.

“Music is part of my very being. It is a challenge and relaxation at the same time, and I honestly couldn’t imagine my life without it.” 

Music has always been a major component in Abigail Grosnick’s life. “I’ve always wanted to do something with music. I grew up listening to classical works and picturing myself playing them in the future.” 

For Abigail, the decision to come to Concordia came down to professors who had the same drive and passion as her. “I had looked at a few other colleges, but when I started visiting and talking with the faculty from Concordia, I was thoroughly impressed with them, and the rest is history.”  

As a music major at Concordia, this commitment to music is kind of necessary to be in the program because of how much work is involved. “With classes, coursework, and lessons, I would say it’s at least a 60 to 70-hour week.” Abigail feels that this kind of crucible helps to create a great community of musicians. “The people in the program are amazing. Just by virtue of the program, you know that everyone in it, loves it, since it takes so much effort to stay in it.” Fortunately, students can count on professors for support with their music lessons, trying classes, and everything in between. “There’s not a professor I would hesitate to go and ask questions to. There’s a rotation of four student tutors available as well. Everyone is very kind and welcoming and always willing to help.”  

Abigail feels that this caring spirit extends to the entire student body at Concordia. “I’ve been homeschooled my whole life, so I was kind of done with online classes before COVID-19 even started. Being on campus has been amazing. I love the atmosphere and the community. You can tell that people really care about each other here.” 

Abigail hopes to use her experiences at Concordia to prepare her for greater things. “Working in a church would be a great experience, but I hope to someday go to graduate school and eventually teach at a college level. I just enjoy the caliber of music that goes along with teaching college students. I know that that’s a long way off, but everyone has to start somewhere, and I’m glad I’m starting at Concordia.”