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A New Perspective

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Cecilia Minchow

Lincoln, Neb.
When I first visited Concordia, I realized I wasn’t going to be just a name on a roster. I was going to be an individual here.

Initially, Cecilia Minchow was not excited about visiting Concordia. “I was grumpy the whole ride here. The only reason I was visiting was because my grandma wanted me to. She said there was a school in Seward with a cool Christmas concert.” Fortunately for Cecilia, she fell in love with it. “I would meet people at the beginning of the day, and they would still know my name at lunch. That was such a big thing for me.”  

Cecilia started her journey at Concordia as a music therapy major. “Originally, I chose Concordia because they were the only school certified in the state for music therapy.” Cecilia was initially excited about music therapy, but she realized that her love of music wasn’t the type required for that major.  “I realized I loved music for its simplicity. There are people who love music for the complicated things, but for me, it’s something I can focus on and unplug.”  

Cecilia has since switched to majoring in psychology and behavioral science with a minor in music, which is a decision she has not regretted. “Psychology really helps to give people perspective. I like being able to look at things in my own life and see the bigger picture. With people our age, it’s easy to get stuck on the little things that are happening. When you’re able to take a step back and remind yourself that an individual that may have something going on that you don’t know about, it equips us all to love better.”   

Even though Cecilia did not want to make music a part of her future occupation, she is still quite involved in the music program at Concordia. “I’m a third-year member of Concordia’s A Cappella Choir, and a second-year member of the Chamber Choir. I’m also on the PRAISE Committee on campus and last year, Dr. Kurt von Kampen made me the choir tour manager.” One may wonder how Cecilia possibly got involved in all these different activities. She attributes it to being willing to try new things. “If you’re thinking about trying something, give it a shot and do it. It’s by trying new things that you’re going to make connections and try things that might just change your life.”