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Investing in the Next Generation

Photo of Isaac Weander

Isaac Weander

Norfolk, Neb.
While we are all at Concordia for varied reasons, ultimately our purpose is to live out what God calls us to do.

Isaac Weander developed his passion for music while he was in high school, learning that he could use music to express himself when he couldn’t with words alone. “Eventually, I realized that I wanted to use my gifts to enable the next generation to do the same thing.” 

With this goal in mind, Isaac discovered he wanted to pursue his calling as a music education major at Concordia. “I went to Concordia’s Musical Arts Day all four years of high school. That experience gave me the opportunity to get to know Concordia’s extremely talented and welcoming music staff. I connected with them really well and it was evident from the beginning that they’re very invested in their students. That was kind of the deciding factor for me.”  

During his time at Concordia, Isaac has developed many close relationships. “It’s really great to have Christianity as that common denominator. The people themselves are wonderful, but everyone also has this relationship with God in the picture, which just deepens people’s connections.” 

Isaac has found himself involved in a wide variety of things, such as Chamber Choir, A Cappella, Concert Band, IMPROVables, and Concordia Youth Ministries. “It’s a lot, but it’s so fun because I get the opportunity to meet all different types of people.” Despite being in all these different roles and forming new relationships as a result of those, Isaac has learned to stay true to himself. “I tried to fit in a lot of different boxes in high school, and it was really exhausting. I got here and realized that I was making much more genuine connections by just being myself. I’m slowly learning to be myself and trusting that the right people will fall into my life.”