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A Place to Belong

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Jenna Fredrickson

Concordia, Kan.
The whole Concordia community is so supportive. It’s evident that everyone wants to be there for each other, and you can make lots of friends right away.

“The whole Concordia community is so supportive. It’s evident that everyone wants to be there for each other, and you can make lots of friends right away.” 

In order to find this community, Jenna Fredrickson had to do some searching. “I didn’t even know Concordia existed until my junior year of high school. I didn’t grow up in a Lutheran community, so I had to look for Lutheran colleges on my own.” Eventually, Jenna started looking at Lutheran colleges online and she soon came across Concordia Nebraska. “When we were touring the campus, the more I was around, the more I felt at home. As I left campus with my parents, we were all like, “Yeah, this is the one.”  

 Jenna has enjoyed this Concordia community not only on campus but off-campus as well. “I wouldn't be able to talk about my Concordia experience without talking about St. John.” St. John Lutheran Church is an LCMS-affiliated church directly across the street from Concordia’s campus. “I started attending there my freshman year, initially because it was convenient, but they just accepted me with open arms. I’ve grown close to a few families in the community and I was eventually confirmed at St. John.” 

 For Jenna, this sense of community and belonging has manifested itself in the music program. "The character of the people in the music program is kind of like if you took the whole community at Concordia and condensed it - It’s like a big family - because everyone is really encouraging and supportive in all aspects of each other’s lives.” 

Even though Jenna enjoys this community, she recognizes that the music program is not always easy. “My advice for future music students would be ‘don’t give up.’ We have a rigorous program here, and honestly, it can be difficult to get through sometimes. Luckily, there are lots of people going through the same things as you. If you just get a little bit out of your comfort zone to ask questions, there can be a big payoff. The support system you’ll get is amazing.”  

Jenna is inspired by this supporting nature and hopes to employ it in her future occupation. “I’m just continually inspired by the professors in our department. I’m so excited to be able to help students in the same way they do. I think music has the potential to give people a place where they feel like they belong, and I’m excited to provide that place for students.”