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Protecting Freedoms

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Grant Lammers

Blair, Neb.
I'm excited to help because I've benefitted so much from the kind actions of others.

 Grant Lammers was not really looking for anything specific when he applied for college. “I struggled extensively in high school. My father passed away when I was fifteen and I never really got my act together after that. The only reason I came to Concordia was because fortunately, I was good enough at track to get a scholarship and get into college.” 

Grant’s initial experiences at Concordia were a culture shock. “I grew up in a vastly different environment. It was less safe, there were more distractions and so on. So, I was not used to the atmosphere at Concordia, where people around me cared and wanted me to succeed.” 

After some acclimation at Concordia, Grant found something to strive for. “One night, I watched this show called, The People vs OJ Simpson: American Crime Story. My mom’s an attorney, so I had always mildly considered law school. But seeing it live was so cool! I really liked the idea of questioning people and trying to find out the truth and where the missteps are.” 

To fulfill his dream of going to law school, Grant majored in English and Criminal Justice. “It’s a unique major for law school, but I think it helps me stand out a bit while allowing me to get involved with organizations that provide me with experience and leadership positions. Concordia has given me the structure and opportunity to be successful by allowing me to be involved in many different interests.”  

One of the interests Grant is pursuing is the pre-law program. “The main goal in the pre-law program is to build skills in critical thinking, problem solving, research, writing and editing, and critical reading. We spend a lot of time thinking about people’s rights, which is crucial. Protecting the freedoms of people is the most important aspect of any criminal justice vocation, especially within law enforcement.”  

As he finishes his last year of college, Grant looks forward to protecting this freedom in the future. “I am very thankful I chose Concordia because with the good and the bad, I genuinely do not think I would have succeeded somewhere else. After law school, my goal is to develop my own non-profit aimed at helping those who suffer from addiction. At the same time, I would want to provide opportunities for underprivileged youths wherever I am located. I am excited to help because I have benefitted so much from the kind actions of others.”