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Staying Connected

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Joe Bindl

Papillion, Neb.
I looked at a lot of schools before I chose Concordia, but Concordia definitely came out on top.

“I looked at a lot of schools before I chose Concordia, but Concordia definitely came out on top.” 

When choosing a college, one of the criteria for Joe Bindl was that it had to be small. “My parents really encouraged me to look at small colleges. Their philosophy was that small class sizes allow for more effective learning, and sports help to keep you out of trouble.” Joe internalized this advice throughout his college decision-making process while he visited a handful of other colleges.  

Throughout the course of these visits, Joe found that there was something different about Concordia. “The other schools were okay, but I loved the experience I had from my Concordia visit. I play tennis, and when I visited, I was able to hit with the team and they were all extremely nice and welcoming.” Joe also enjoyed the fact that he had the chance to individually meet with professors during his visit. “I met with Todd Johnson, who is head of the accounting department and he was just an awesome guy. It was a really rare experience to be able to meet so many great people before I got here, and those interactions kind of helped seal the deal.” 

Joe is now a junior at Concordia, majoring in accounting and playing on the tennis team. So far, he has really enjoyed the accounting program. “Growing up, I always loved dealing with numbers.” Joe loves the numbers aspect of accounting, but he is also excited to see how he can use his knowledge to help others. “I think almost everyone could benefit from what we’re learning in accounting. But obviously, not everyone is, so in the future, I hope to work in finance so I can help people understand the ins and outs of everything I am learning. “ 

Joe also hopes to carry out these goals using the same work ethic he uses on the tennis team. “Tennis is a big reason I came here. The guys on the team are so hardworking and encouraging.” Even though Joe really enjoys tennis, managing his time is not always easy. “I’ve had a busier schedule this semester. It has definitely been an interesting experience learning to balance sleep, school, and social time.” 

Although he’s been spending more time studying, Joe believes it is important to get out there and experience things. “There’s a quote I like, that says,” “In life, you don’t regret the things you do, you regret the things you don’t do.’  I’m always open to trying new things, and I think that’s the key to getting connected at Concordia.”