Action Photo for Drew Boggs

Staying Flexible

Concordia allows you to have the college experience you want.

There is no better quote that captures the essence of the flexibility and stability that Concordia offers, and probably no better candidate to describe these apparent opposites as Drew Boggs.  

Drew Boggs is a senior at Concordia majoring in Christian Education Leadership, Theology and Psychology. He is on the cusp of beginning his career as a Director of Christian Education and sharing the gospel with the world. “The DCE role is really unique, because you get formally trained in education methods and theology, but you can also be in a lot of different roles with it.”  

Even though Drew likes the flexibility the title of DCE gives, the message he hopes to eventually share with people is one of hope and consistency. “There is pain and brokenness in the world, and it permeates into all parts of life. There is external brokenness in things like the government and terrorist attacks and there is internal brokenness in our own sinful nature. God comes into our lives and replaces the fear and anxiety we might be feeling about those things with hope. I want to be able to share that hope with as many people as I can.” 

Drew follows this vocational calling through his time in college. Along with his various majors, Drew is involved in IMPROVables, praise band and has various jobs around campus. “I’ve really enjoyed the opportunity I’ve gotten to be involved in and meet so many different kinds of people.” Even though Drew has enjoyed meeting new people, college does not last forever, and occasionally, the nature of those relationships has to change. “I’ve made so many lifelong friends, and some of those people have graduated. It’s more work and time to continue those relationships, but it’s worth it.” 

In order to put the appropriate time and effort into these relationships, Drew has had to learn how to balance his time. “Since freshman year, every semester has been a process of adding one thing or subtracting others. For me, it’s about being involved in a lot of things, but not being overworked.” 

To do this effectively, Drew suggests something a little unconventional. “A lot of times, people view rest as something you can do once you are finished with your responsibilities, but scheduling rest is very important. You need to set time aside for rest, yourself, and most importantly, your relationship with God, so you can put appropriate effort into the other things in life.”