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Never Really Alone

Photo of Nathaniel  Mars

Nathaniel Mars

Kimball, Neb.
I’ve never experienced feeling completely alone and I know that some people have. I know the power God has to prevent that feeling.

Nathaniel Mars has always wanted to be a pastor. His dad was a pastor, so Nathaniel has wanted to be a pastor since he was four years old. It began as something he saw in his dad that he wanted to show in himself, but as he grew, his reasons for being a pastor grew too. He decided to go to Concordia for their church music and pre-seminary program.  

Nathaniel is looking forward to the kind of comfort he will be able to offer as a pastor. “You’re saving people’s souls for eternity. We don’t want anyone’s souls to be condemned to hell forever. I want to comfort people in their times of hardship. I grew up in the church and I’ve never been to the point when I’m completely alone, because I’ve always known that God is there. There is someone out there who supports you.”  

Even though Nathaniel eventually wants to become a pastor, his major is church music, which he sees mostly as a backup for being a pastor. Despite it being almost a secondary option, he has seen himself grow a lot through being a church music major. “I’ve been playing organ since middle school, and I thought I would just continue. But I’ve gotten so much better at singing and learning about music.” 

Nathaniel has also seen himself grow in his confidence and in his faith. “God is preached so well here. He is present in classes. In my astronomy class, Dr. Hermann talks about how God makes the stars for a specific purpose.” In the same way, God has a clear and specific purpose for Nathaniel.