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Sharing a Love for the Outdoors

Photo of Erin Maier

Erin Maier

Grand Island, Neb.
At Concordia, you’re more than just a name and a face. You’re a person, people recognize you as such and want you to succeed.

Erin Maier had the unique experience of having personal connections at Concordia before she even arrived on campus. “I grew up in Lincoln and later in life, I moved to Grand Island. A few of my friends from both places now attend Concordia, and I’ve really loved that I’ve been able to rekindle those relationships. So really, it’s just been like a big reunion for me.” 

Having established connections might have stopped others from branching out, but not Erin. “There are so many experiences I’ve had that I never would have thought possible as a freshman. One of my favorite experiences was attending the Agriculture Future of America Leaders Conference, which I was able to attend through the Agriculture Club. It taught me about things people would usually expect from agriculture, such as different farming methods, but I also learned a lot about basic business practices, which is something I find very interesting.” 

Erin’s love of business is what led her to pursue a marketing degree. “For me, business and marketing are about promoting the good things about something and fulfilling someone’s needs based on the product I can provide. The essential question I hope to ask myself is, ‘How can I improve someone’s life with the resources I am promoting?’” 

This hospitable mentality is why Erin plans to go into the tourism business after she graduates. “I would love to work for a national park. I like creating spaces and places for people to come and enjoy each other’s company, and I plan to advertise the park I work for as this kind of place. I love the outdoors and I’m really excited to be able to share that with other people.” 

It’s evident that Erin would be able to accomplish these ambitious goals because of the principles she learned at Concordia. “Concordia has really emphasized the importance of being a positive influence in the places we end up. That’s something I’ll carry with me no matter where I go.”