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Someone People Can Depend On

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Monica Reed

Carthage, N.Y.
If I have the opportunity to be someone people can depend on in stressful situations, I want to pursue that.

Monica Reed has always had a desire to serve her community, but the form that desire has taken has changed over the years. “At my first community college, I was majoring in agriculture business, and it only took me a semester to realize that I didn’t like it very much.” Monica’s college journey then took a turn in an entirely different direction. “My advisor knew a great criminal justice professor at the community college I went to, and he suggested that I take a criminal justice. I tried it, and I fell in love with it.” 

After her freshman year, Monica transferred to Concordia. “I visited once for like three hours, and I’ve really enjoyed my time here since. The community on the shooting sports team and in the criminal justice department is great. It’s a great place to be.”  

Even though Monica felt at home in her major and school, she still had some deliberating to do. "Often when people think about criminal justice, they think it’s a very narrow path. You don’t really realize how broad it is until you start digging.” Even though Monica realizes that there is a lot to the criminal justice major, she recognizes the importance of broadening your horizons “Criminal justice is important, but it’s not everything. It’s been great to get to know professors from different majors.” 

Although there are many directions Monica could go with her degree; she is choosing law enforcement. “I want to work on the public service side of criminal justice. I wasn’t really looking to be a law enforcement officer until I heard about all the turmoil going on with police officers in the past few years. It just drew me towards the job more. I want to be a figure of stability in a community. If I have the opportunity to be someone people can trust in stressful situations, I want to pursue that.”   

In a few years, Monica will graduate and share her gifts with the world. “I’ve really appreciated the support system I’ve had during my time at Concordia. I came to Concordia because I was recruited for shooting sports, but I’ve grown to love this place. After, I graduate, I plan to work in Omaha. I’ve really just fallen in love with Nebraska and I’m looking forward to serving here.”